is the platform that was created to do cloud mining by some skilled people working for years in this filed of work through cryptocurrency. They worked as small firms in this market, then decided to step up and work big. They only work with Bitcoin. Means you can mine Bitcoin in this platform as investors, make your deposit with Bitcoin, and also withdraw your profits as Bitcoin. In review there are more useful information on this platform.

Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you, the followers of the Information Technology Blog. We offer you the bitero site, which distinguished itself from many sites with its terrible advantages and became a competitor to global mining sites.

But now, at this time, many people prefer it to all other sites and make it the number one in the world due to its terrible advantages, as mentioned earlier.

Do you really want to know a lot about this site and its features ?? We show you now some of the features of this site:

1- He has a very impressive mining and investment plan that competes with global sites

2- Bitcoin supports the global currency

3- You can deposit on the site with a very impressive minimum, and there is no maximum, and this is also great

4- The withdrawal limit is very, very low

5- Withdrawing your money within a direct, manual and up to 48 hours

6- You can withdraw your capital at any time you want with a 10% commission

7 - You can profit from the site through the rewards that the site offers you in exchange for social media tasks

8- There is a very cool referral system

There are many great features on this site that you will discover for yourself

Essential Information

Start Date07 Sep 2020
Website Link
Min/Max50 $ – No Limit
Minimum withdraw0.0005 BTC
WHOISView Here
NameCheap, Inc.Registered On:2020-02-29,Expires On:2021-02-28
World RankAlexa

Investment’s plan of

2% on workdays and 1% on weekends for 30 days (release after 24 hours with 10% and more

Minimum : 50 $ – Maximum: No Limit


Features Of

Withdraw : Instant

Security:DDOS Protection – EV SSL, CloudFlare, Inc.

Referral Commission :5%-1%-1%-1%

Script: GoldCoders : Licensed

24/7 Support

:How to register on the bitero site

Website link from here:

 In the first box you enter your full name: ........

 In the second field you enter the login name: ...

 In the third field you enter your e-mail:

 In the fourth box, you enter the address of the BTC wallet for which the funds will be withdrawn: .....

5- In the sixth and seventh fields a password: ....

6- In the seventh and eighth fields, enter 6 numbers and keep them because he asks for them when drawing: ...

And you click on register, and the site does not need to be activated from your e-mail.

After logging into the website, we are now explaining how to deposit it:

:How to invest in bitero

 You click on the word Deposit

 And then you enter the amount you want

 Then, you choose the BTC payment process

Then send them the money to the wallet address

Note: Of course we all know that the price of Bitcoin is currently rising, and this is a very great opportunity to invest in Bitcoin

And a lot of analysts say that Bitcoin will soon reach $ 16,000, and this means a profit of $ 3,000 per bitcoin is very cool.

So this is the right time to invest.

You can register to the website from here:

 :How to profit from free bitero more than $ 10 dollars

You click on the word "Bounty", and after that, several tasks appear for you to carry out and win free, including:

 Profit from the YouTube channel: If you have a YouTube channel and the number of subscribers or specific views is not required, all you have to do is explain the site completely and it was uploaded to your channel and put the referral link in the description and send them the video link and they will give you rewards depending on the quality of the views and likes you have in the video

Profit from writing: You can profit from writing an article on the bitero website, whether on Facebook, your blog, Telegram channel, or Instagram, and send them the link of the article and they will obey you for that.

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